Croquet is as much of a competitive sport as you want to make it! 

"I love this game and Club because we are totally gender neutral."
​                                                             - Member Sandy H.

"There's skill, strategy and fun with friendly people who are all rooting for you!"     -New Member Dana

Member's Comments:

We are blessed to have 7 courts available to our membership. We are one of the largest croquet venues on the eastern seaboard, second only to that of the National Croquet Club in West Palm Beach! 

Croquet offers a group of people the ability to meet others, share conversation over an outdoors game that doesn't require twisting, jumping, rotation of the torso or shoulders, etc. Croquet is very low impact, much like Tai Chi that encourages balance, keeps you active and offers several opportunities for fun times with a group of people that actually care about each other.                                                   - Founder John C.

"I can be very social and very competitive at the same time without hard feelings."     - Member Joanne L.

"I like how this game combines strategies, skills, friendship and social activities!"       _ Member Anita H.

"I enjoy the social aspects and a little friendly competition!"                                                                   - Member Judy C.

 Located just south of Jacksonville, in Ponte Vedra Beach, our club is home to the best members around! Croquet is a fantastic   alternative to the traditional games of golf and tennis; both of which can be hard on the body over time. Through the demanding   starts, stops and pounding of tennis and the twisting requirements of golf, Croquet offers a much lower impact option that involves just walking, bending and swinging a roughly two-to-three-pound mallet between your legs to hit a one-pound, solid plastic ball. Yet it can be highly competitive, strategic and mentally stimulating with a major social component on the side. You will make many new friends not only in our club but also in the clubs we visit for our Interclub Play. All of these characteristics are proven to benefit your health, mental acuity and longevity. 

 Whether a traditional, year 'round player or just beginning, you'll enjoy your time here either being challenged by the members   who are thinkers of this game or relaxing with a great group of friends over a casual game of one shot. This game is for the young or old alike -- male or female -- it's literally for anyone! It can be highly competitive, playing in frequent tournaments throughout the US and internationally (if you're willing) at the finest clubs and resorts or just for fun and a little local relaxation. Our club meets other clubs for Interclub Play throughout the year for those who are interested. We are sensitive to our younger members who work or have children (with schedules) and offer court time for those who can meet after work or school.  As a member, your club is always open to you if you'd like to come over and practice. 

  We are a group of people who honestly enjoy getting together, in the Florida sunshine, laughing and truly enjoying the   comaraderie of the group we call the Ponte Vedra Croquet Club! 

"You can literally learn the various formats, each of their rules, the various hitting styles and what each accomplishes, how to proactively swing the mallet for the best connection with the ball and so on! Croquet is as challenging as you make it which is fun and keeps my mind active which is great at any age!"

                                                                                                                           - Member Lloyd H.

The Question That Was Asked:  Please write a little bit why you like this sport and our Ponte Vedra Croquet Club.The answers below are in their own words. Thank you members for joining in!

"I appreciated when Lloyd introduced me because I was new to the area and didn't really know anyone. And then I really got caught up in the game because of the strategy. I realized the ball is only 3 5/8 inches and the wicket's jaws are only 3 3/4 inches! That doesn't leave much room to whack the ball through! You've really have got to step up to the challenge. It's not as easy as you'd think." 

                                                     - New Member Woody W.

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