It's more fun than you thought!

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   Countless Americans have all played and enjoyed nine wicket croquet.  It's the family game you remember playing in the backyard or on a picnic somewhere. 

   Now there is a new style to that old game that is played with six wickets on laser leveled  courts that have grass the same as on a golf course green.  Also, the equipment is different than the wire hoops that were the wickets and the simple mallets you were used to. 

   The new wickets are heavy rods precisely spaced to just allow the ball to go through.  The mallets have grown in precision and design as well.

   The  basics of the game are easy to learn and you will find that the precision required and the strategies involved introduce a new level of fun and challenge.   But, the best part is that it is a game that can be enjoyed by all ages, and because it does not involve any real strength, can be played equally well by diminutive women as well as by body building males.

Free Introductory Lessons: Saturday at 9:30AM and Sunday at 3:00PM

Equipment Provided (Click on About Us for map)

The new image of Croquet

Caren and Eric Sawyer at 2015 

USCA National Championships

Courtesy of USCA

Croquet is more than you remember

More fun. A real sport.

Ponte Vedra Croquet Club