Countless Americans have all played and enjoyed nine wicket croquet. That's the game that you possibly remember playing in the back yard when you were knee high to a grasshopper.

There is a new style that is building in popularity and is only played with six wickets on laser-leveled court(s) that utilize similar grass to that of a putting green on a golf course. While this new style is beginning to take off, we fall back to tradition and wear only whites while playing this game. 

Custom-built wooden mallets that have been precision designed and weighing only 2-3 pounds have replaced the lightweight mallets from the backyard kits. The single wire hoops have been replaced as well with heavy rods whose upright "jaws" offer only a 3 3/4 inch space for the one pound ball that is only 3 5/8 inch in diameter.  This leaves a paltry 1/8 inch space for error! If that's not challenging enough for you, the rules will add the remaining degree of difficulty!

The  basics of the game are easy to learn. You will learn how to stand with your feet shoulder-length apart with the mallet planted firmly in between your legs. You'll learn how to swing the mallet behind you, moving through to connect with the ball and how the follow-through is just as important to the shot as the connection. Then you'll learn how to control the direction and the distance of the shot on the court. This is called the Single ball drive shot, which is the most important skill to develop.

Commonly, our club plays Aussie rules which is an adaptation to the American Rules. You will find that the precision required and the strategies involved with these new rules introduce a new level of fun and sport. We also play American Rules, Golf One Shot and other games; each comes with their own set of rules and challenges.

The best part is that Croquet is gaining in popularity that can be enjoyed by all ages -- no matter the level of competition or skill. 

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The difference between our club and others throughout the state of Florida is that our club is all about having fun with the game of Croquet. We do not offer golf, tennis or swimming as traditional country clubs do.

We've chosen to focus on one sport and one sport only. Croquet. 

Aussie Rules- Court Layout

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